Collection: Strictly The Best Pizza Ovens For Sale!

The pizza ovens for sale at Sabra Pizza™ are strictly the best pizza ovens currently available worldwide. We're truly passionate about pizza, and we only sell the wood-fired pizza ovens, propane pizza ovens, and gas pizza ovens we've used and truly love cooking on! Every pizza oven below is genuine, made by a top manufacturer, and backed by an impressive warranty. All pizza ovens for sale are listed at prices up to 30% below MSRP, and are backed by our 110% Lowest Price Guarantee. For a limited time, get free shipping in the mainland US with promo code ZERO. If you want help selecting the best pizza oven for your situation, reference our pizza oven buyer's guide or reach out to us!


Choosing the Best Pizza Oven FAQs

How can I choose the best pizza oven for my situation?

Looking at the extensive offering of pizza ovens for sale, both on and offline, can be extremely overwhelming! Which is exactly why we created a detailed guide on selecting the best pizza oven for your needs that's within your budget.

If you don't have the time to go through it now, you can always download the PDF version and read it later.

What are the placement options for a pizza oven?

The decision here is simple, do you want a freestanding pizza oven or do you have countertop space to place it on? The best pizza oven brands, like ALFA™, make ovens that can be placed on any countertop or on a matching cart built for each model. So their pizza ovens are quite versatile.

How do I know which fuel source my pizza oven should use?

There are really only two options here: wood-fired or gas. The more traditional outdoor pizza ovens are fueled by firewood and give you an added "smokey" taste. The newer generation ovens are gas or propane fueled (usually gas ovens will do both), and you sacrifice a tiny bit of the smokiness for a much easier to maintain pizza oven. ALFA™ hybrid pizza ovens can cook with wood, coal, propane, or gas, by utilizing a hybrid kit.

What all can I cook with an outdoor pizza oven?

If you only intend to cook pizzas on your pizza oven, this isn't a strong consideration. However, if you want to cook other foods (i.e. breads, pastas, meats, fish, etc.) you should make sure the pizza oven you select has a large door opening (6+ inches vertically) and an adequate internal cooking surface.

How much do I need to spend to get a good pizza oven?

To acquire one of the best pizza ovens, one that will last 10+ years, you need to plan on spending at least $1,000. None of the best pizza oven brands have models that are less than that.

Which brand of pizza oven should I buy?

After 20 years of cooking with (and selling) virtually every outdoor pizza oven brand in the world, our hands-down favorite is still Alfa Forni™. They are the original, and hold a bunch of patents to protect their proprietary technology. Everyone else has kind of been playing catch up since day 1! That said, not everyone can afford an ALFA (their cheapest model is the Nano for $1,399), so the other brands we carry are the "next best" alternatives available.

What pizza oven accessories will I need?

The only absolutely vital accessory required to cook pizzas in your new pizza oven - besides fuel in the form of gas/propane or firewood - is a pizza peel.

That said, you will need pizza dough, pizza sauce, and all of the toppings you plan to put on your pie as well. It is recommended that you use a proofing box to let your pizza dough balls rest for at least 2-4 hours before you plan to cook.