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Fantastic Oven!

This is my 4th pizza oven and it’s the best yet! Looking forward to making lots of pizzas with my Alfa!

Love the size and that it’s stackable

Cover for the ALFA™ BRIO Pizza Oven (With or Without Base)

Quality pizza oven cover, also fits Moderne 2 pizze perfectly

I have the oven+base version of this cover. Even though it's made for the Brio model, it fits the Moderne (2 pizze size) perfectly. The material is lightweight but seems durable. I like that the bottom opening of the cover has an elastic drawstring that helps secure the cover to the stand. The length of the cover covers the entire stand down to the wheels, so anything stored on the bottom shelf is protected as well.
My only criticism, though not enough to take away any stars, is that I wish they would design a cover that allowed you to keep the chimney mounted when the cover is on. This cover follows the contour of the oven top perfectly, as long as the chimney isn't there. It's not a big deal to remove the chimney since it just slides out of the top of the oven, just one extra step.

Overall, I highly recommend this cover if you have an Alfa Brio or Moderne 2 pizze oven! If your oven is exposed to the elements, you'll want to protect that investment for the years to come.

Truly a work horse!!

Had it for a couple months now and use it almost daily. Totally reliable and well made, I expect it to last for decades!!!

personal attention -quick ship, good customer service

very satisfied

nice cover, nice people

good quality cover. Easy to work with CS staff.

ALFA™ 48" 4-Piece Chef Tool Set for Cooking w/ Wood-Fired Ovens [2 Colors]

Alfa pizza tools

The tools look to be of excellent quality. We received a 5 piece set that was short the main peel end. Sabra was wonderful in rectifying this problem and we had a peel end in just a few days. This was a gift to my son in law and he was very pleased with the set. I will do business with Sabra again in the future.



Alfa Brio

I started this journey with an Ooni Karu 16, and after 2 months of weekly pizza making, I knew making pizza was going to be a life long obsession. I sold the Omni, and bought the Alfa Brio. I LOVE it. It is such a joy, and I know will love it for life. Really. It is just a perfect blend of function and quality and I love having the gas and wood options.

Have this and the smallest stainless table -

- and couldn't be happier!! My husband and kids love it if more than me, i think!!! :D

All hail ALFA!!!

Used my 5 MINUTE ALFA to death and it's still rock solid!! Doubt you'll find a better product for the price.

ALFA Ciao (older version)

Mine is an older model Ciao, but I don't think the 'guts' have changed. FANTASTIC pizza every time and you simply won't go wrong w/ ALFA FORNI ovens!

Best pizza oven on the market

I work for a coal oven pizza restaurant and have used or eaten pizza from virtually every pizza oven brand on the market, both commercial and residential grade, and the 4 PIZZE by ALFA is my #1. And that's when compared to the other models by ALFA and all of the commercial grade models I've used!

Just a dream...

Wish i would've discovered these pizzaovens years ago!!! We use our brio pizza oven at least 3 times a week, and I don't think it'll ever get old!

Worth every penny and then some!

Great investment, and this "tank" is built to last. Makes perfect pizza every time and I know this thing is easily going to outlive me!!

Love the pizza it makes

Easy to use and makes the BEST PIZZA you've ever had.. What more would you want??

Love it, but should've...

...gotten a gas one. I don't like having to get firewood all the time.

We make EVERYTHING on it!

We love our ALFA ONE, it's probably the best investment we've ever made in our home (not kidding), we use it more than our kitchen's oven!! :D


Loving my NANO. Replaced an Ooni with this oven, and was worried the cost wouldn't be worth it, but it SOOOOO is! I will probably be passing this tank of a pizza oven on to my daughtyer when i die! :)

pizza to die for!!!!

i love my alfa nano and i make pizza like this almost every day now!

Restaurant quality pizza at home

Look at this incredible pizza I make on the alfa stone!! It's honestly the best pizza Ive ever had, and now I can make it myself for almost free!! Thanks Sabra and alfa!

This pizza oven means business!!

Only used it once, but my oh my were we BLOWN AWAY!!! We fed a party of people inside of an hour, and every one got to choose their own custom pizzas! Took a while to heat up, nbut after it did it was kicking out 2 pizzas a minute! :O