How to Convert an ALFA Oven from Propane to Gas

Convert Your ALFA Oven from Propane to Gas

All ALFA gas ovens, besides the Moderno Portable, can run on liquid propane or natural gas. In fact, they are shipped with all the necessary components to run on either fuel type. That said, they are set up out of the box to run on liquid propane (like most BBQ grills), so you have to complete the conversion shown below if you want to run your oven on natural gas instead.

You can follow these graphical steps to complete the conversion or you can jump to the video that shows the process.

Disclaimer: These steps should only be completed by a professional who is qualified to complete them.

Step 1: Shut off gas

Prior to commencing, ensure the cessation of gas flow. Subsequently, shut off either the gas mains tap or the LPG cylinder.

Step 2: Detach the gas knob

To detach the gas knob (A), a gentle pull is adequate. Please adhere to the arrow's direction.

Step 3: Detach the gas hose

To disconnect the gas tube (B), utilize a 24 wrench or appropriate pliers.

Step 4: Take off the protective casing

To take off the protective casing (C), simply unscrew the indicated screws shown in the photo that secure it to the oven.

Step 5: Release the burner

To unlock the burner (D), just take out the screw highlighted in the red circle using a 4mm hex wrench.

Step 6: Extract the burner

Gently withdraw the burner halfway, taking care not to harm the ignition cable (E).

Step 7: Unplug the ignition cable

Now, by turning to the side, you'll have access to the assembly unit, allowing you to disconnect the white ignition cable. Employ tweezers if needed, grasping the black sheath for assistance.

Step 8: Identify the nozzle you'll be replacing

After taking out the burner, you'll notice the golden nozzle (F), which requires replacement.

Step 9: Extract the nozzle

To detach the nozzle, utilize an 11 wrench, unscrewing it in a manner similar to a standard nut. Rotate the wrench from top to bottom.

Step 10: Reset the burner

Now, just fit (screw in) the new nozzle, and follow the reverse steps from point 7 to point 2. During the initial startup, ensure to inspect for any potential leaks.

Step 11: Unlock the pilot group

Take out the pilot group block (G) to initiate the adjustment of the pilot flame. Simply unscrew the two screws marked in red.

Step 12: Take out the pilot flame

After removing the stop (G), proceed to take out the pilot flame head (H).

Step 13: Access the nozzle

Elevate the pilot flame, then unscrew the cap to access the pilot flame nozzle (L).

Step 14: 
Install the new pilot flame nozzle

Install the new pilot flame nozzle by using an appropriate screwdriver to unscrew the existing nozzle (L) and replace it with the new one.

Step 15: Reestablishing the pilot flame

Reposition the pilot flame head as illustrated in the enlarged photo. Ensure that the "T" formation created by the openings aligns with the indicated position.

Step 16: Reinstall the pilot group

At this juncture, reintegrate the pilot assembly by placing back the block (G) that was earlier removed. Then, follow the steps in reverse from point 7 to point 2 on the preceding page.

Video Showing Conversion from Propane to Gas

Disclaimer: These steps should only be completed by a professional who is qualified to complete them.